What Happens In Your Sleep May Fascinate You

When we lay down at night, do you know what really goes on? Many refer to it as ‘the brain shutting down for the night’. While it is true that rest allows the body to relax and rest, this statement is actually far from the truth, as the brain and body are still at work, just in a different way.

As the body dozes off and the brain and body begin to relax, attention is focused on repairing the body from the day’s activities and preparing our body for the following day. The various ways it does this while we sleep, may just fascinate you!

Sleep is not equal –We’re often not sleeping deep. There are various stages of sleep, and the final referred to as REM (deep sleep), is the shortest stage at 90 to 120 minutes.

Brain Cleans House – When asleep, our brain is nearly as active as when we are awake, that goes double in the REM stage! New research shows the brain may literally use this time to clear out toxic byproducts. If built up, it may lead to serious health issues.

Memories and Dreaming – There are theories that dreaming in our sleep could be connect to what memories we remember, and those that are forgotten.

Breathing and Heart Rate Slow – When asleep, many processes slow down, including breathing and heart rate, organs and muscles. This allows energy to be used towards healing and repairing, such as the liver. Instead of detoxifying when awake, it works to synthesize and rebuilt in our sleep. Cool huh?

Temporary paralysis – The body temporarily puts you in a paralyzed state, especially n REM sleep to keep you from acting out those dreams of yours.

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What Causes a Person to Snore?

Are you one of the many people that suffer from poor sleep quality due to snoring, or you find your partner is starting to talk about your snoring? Sadly, snoring is a common issue, and many things can be the cause. When you start asking the cause of snoring, there are many ways of answering the question.

The easiest way to think of snoring is that the upper airway in the throat and nose is being partially closed. When sleeping, the neck muscles become more relaxed than in the day, and some people may find neck muscles relax too much, resulting in more weight being placed on the upper airways, causing it to partly close and restrict sufficient air to the lungs.

When the body does not get the amount of air into the lungs needed, it reduces the amount of oxygen needed by the body to fully function. The body receives a signal from the brain for it to wake up and get more oxygen. This can lead to waking up many times through the night, and you may not even realize you’re awake.

When a person suffers from sleep apnea, snoring is one of the most common symptoms, as well as the persons breathing stops throughout the night. This is caused from the airway going from partly closed, to fully closed for short periods of time.

Other things that can lead to snoring include having an enlarged tongue, tonsils, or excess weight in the neck. The shape of your nose or jaw can also increase snoring, but the vibration of air trying to get through a partly closed or fully closed airway creates the ‘snoring sound’.

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Mattress Shopping Guide

A mattress is a big purchase that can be overwhelming to purchase. There are so many mattress types, and mattress sizes, so you need to be prepared before you start shopping around.

Start by determining your budget and your needs.

Think about how well you sleep. Do you toss and turn a lot, do you wake up multiple times , or do you wake up sore and stiff? Those are signs that you need a new mattress. Before you start looking, think about your budget and your needs.

Do your homework.

Research your options before you purchase a mattress. Selecting the right type and size mattress that fits your needs and go from there.

Pick the right type of store.

Look at places that sell mattresses. Search for a retailer that can give you the right information and attention. If you are unsure of where to shop, start by asking your friends and family for suggestions.

Use the sale associates.

Work with knowledgeable sales people who are able to guide you through different mattress choices. Ask questions and look for detailed explanations when they are needed. If you feel that your sales person isn’t really knowledgeable or helpful, take your business elsewhere.

Take your mattress for a test drive.

Once you are in the store, do the sleep test. Take off your shoes, and lie down on various mattresses that you selected and do so in different positions. Be sure to wear comfortable pants so you can move around.

Go that extra mile.

During your test drive, spend extra time in your sleeping position. It can take about 15 minutes to fully relax enough to feel the support that is being offered. Don’t rush it. The more time you take, the less likely you will end up with buyer’s remorse.

Make sure you get a great pillow as well.

Learning From Sleep Patterns in Animals

Did you know that sleep patterns vary greatly between species? Where humans need an average of 8hrs of sleep per day, a brown bat sleeps most of the day and giraffes are able to go weeks without sleep! The sleep pattern of rats is similar to that of humans, meaning they need rest to remain alert and learning.

There have been canines used to treat sleep disorders too. According to Jerome Siegel PhD, a processor with UCLA Center for Sleep Research, to better understand sleep we have to better understand sleep patterns in animals. While patterns vary, one element that occurs in both is the REM (rapid eye movement) stage.

Also, both animals and humans show similar brain activity levels during REM sleep. It is common for dogs to twitch or bark when in REM sleep, a platypus imitates movements of killing crustacean prior to eating it, and humans tend to speak during sleep.

One aspect of REM sleep in animals that we may never know, is if they dream like humans do. The reason for this, is they cannot really respond by asking like another person could. But, what is known is the brain wave patterns between animals and humans in REM are very similar.

Overall, it appears the sleep patterns vary between animals depending on their brain metabolism rates. So, smaller animals that have increased brain metabolisms will need increased amounts of sleep, while larger animals often need less sleep. This makes the sleep patterns of our pets a little more interesting, doesn’t it?

Of course animals don’t have mattresses!  That’s an advantage humans have.  Check out my guide to mattresses.

How does the My Pillow rate against other pillows?

Balance between relief and support

The material of this “cloud” helps to balance support of back, neck, and head as well as muscles while providing gentle relief. The pillow is great for all sleep positions. There aren’t any interruptions during sleep. The flexible material of My Pillow fills up any spaces immediately. Once you lay on this pillow, you basically sink into a peaceful sleep. That is how soft the My Pillow is. Instead of using the regular foam like before, it uses flakes, which is what keeps it cool, smooth and soft. It works just like a regular pillow, so you can be boosted up while reading. Simply shaking it can bring it to form. Although, this is not for everyone because it does take some time to get used to from the norm of the regular my pillow.

High quality cover

The pillow comes with a high quality cover that is made up of 2% spandex and 98% polyester. You can also remove it and wash it in your washer. The inside is fitted with studs, but that doesn’t interfere with sleep. The bubble side sinks less and is able to find you a more stable position. The cover has an elegant design, so many also like the decoration.

How to purchase your My Pillow

The best way to buy the My Pillow is through sleepingsmart.org.  They have My Pillow Promo codes but also link to Amazon which may actually be cheaper to buy using that method.  There’s no point in using a promo code if it’s not the cheapest way of buying an item.  Check out this link for the best My Pillow promo code.


The My Pillow Cloud is going to be a bit expensive. The high quality and durability help to justify the expensive price. The cloud has managed to balance support of the neck, head, and shoulders while giving relief. Because of the softness of this pillow it stays comfortable. I honestly prefer a neck pillow, simply because it works with my sleeping positions and I get a healthy sleep with the pillows.

When I first used the My Pillow, it was hard for me to be able to detail the reason that I liked it. As I write this, I realize I liked it because it gave me results. Finding the right pillow isn’t an easy task. There is a lot of ranges and types of pillows on the market. The My Pillow is still a little large, but it does what it needs to do.

It’s really good for those with sleep disorders – http://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/features/snuggle-up-with-the-perfect-pillow.

Conclusion of the My Pillow review

After all the pillow reviews that I have done, I still believe that My Pillow is the best out there. The selection of the type of My Pillow isn’t as important, because that is how high quality it is. Be sure to select the right My Pillow for you to get a very relaxing sleep.

You can find out more about sleep apnea here.

The My Pillow is rated well by https://sleepfoundation.org/.

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