Is It a Natural or Chemical Free Mattress?

When people claim chemical free products, most of the time it is misleading. If taken literally, this would be a lie as everything is made up of chemicals. However what is considered important in mattresses regarding chemicals is toxicity. Everyone wants a mattress that does not contain any hazardous chemicals that might cause harm. So what makes up a non-toxic mattress?

What constitutes a non-toxic mattress?

Mattresses can be considered non-toxic by considering the kind of material used to make them. Some of the mattresses considered healthy/natural include;

Latex Mattresses

For a natural non-toxic mattress core, no other material can beat natural latex. Latex comes from Hevea brasileana tree. The sap from the tree is collected, beaten to form froth then baked to produce latex sheets. Unlike other foams such as memory foam made from polyurethane, natural latex contains no added chemicals making them not only safe for but also good for the environment.


Cotton is also another wonderful option of natural mattresses. However, when looking for one, make sure you go for the one with natural casing that hasn’t been altered with bleach or colored.


All mattresses require a flame retardant. A genuine organic wool material provides a natural soft layer that enables a finished mattress to pass all the federal required flame tests without any harm falling on the mattress. Therefore when going for a wool mattress ask for third party certification to prove this.

Finding a Mattress

Buying a mattress can be frustrating, however if you know what you are looking for the process can become a lot easier. Natural latex is extremely durable and supple. Latex mattresses can last for over 20 years if well maintained. Customizable ones will give you a personalized comfort matching your preference. After all an organic mattress can be a wonderful investment on your wellbeing and health in the long run.

However if you are on a limited budget, consider going for more basic natural materials. You still can avoid harmful mattresses without breaking your budget. Perhaps two of the most common indications to enable you tell whether a mattress is harmful or not include;

  1.      Smell – Chemically treated mattresses often smell strongly and might keep you awake. These kinds of mattresses are the ones that often cause respiratory problems and skin irritation
  2.      Credentials – When shopping for a mattress, ignore words such as natural or eco and instead ask for third party certification or read the ingredients used.

It is time to sleep naturally!  By sleeping naturally you will be able to sleep better America.