What Causes a Person to Snore?

Are you one of the many people that suffer from poor sleep quality due to snoring, or you find your partner is starting to talk about your snoring? Sadly, snoring is a common issue, and many things can be the cause. When you start asking the cause of snoring, there are many ways of answering the question.

The easiest way to think of snoring is that the upper airway in the throat and nose is being partially closed. When sleeping, the neck muscles become more relaxed than in the day, and some people may find neck muscles relax too much, resulting in more weight being placed on the upper airways, causing it to partly close and restrict sufficient air to the lungs.

When the body does not get the amount of air into the lungs needed, it reduces the amount of oxygen needed by the body to fully function. The body receives a signal from the brain for it to wake up and get more oxygen. This can lead to waking up many times through the night, and you may not even realize you’re awake.

When a person suffers from sleep apnea, snoring is one of the most common symptoms, as well as the persons breathing stops throughout the night. This is caused from the airway going from partly closed, to fully closed for short periods of time.

Other things that can lead to snoring include having an enlarged tongue, tonsils, or excess weight in the neck. The shape of your nose or jaw can also increase snoring, but the vibration of air trying to get through a partly closed or fully closed airway creates the ‘snoring sound’.

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