What Happens In Your Sleep May Fascinate You

When we lay down at night, do you know what really goes on? Many refer to it as ‘the brain shutting down for the night’. While it is true that rest allows the body to relax and rest, this statement is actually far from the truth, as the brain and body are still at work, just in a different way.

As the body dozes off and the brain and body begin to relax, attention is focused on repairing the body from the day’s activities and preparing our body for the following day. The various ways it does this while we sleep, may just fascinate you!

Sleep is not equal –We’re often not sleeping deep. There are various stages of sleep, and the final referred to as REM (deep sleep), is the shortest stage at 90 to 120 minutes.

Brain Cleans House – When asleep, our brain is nearly as active as when we are awake, that goes double in the REM stage! New research shows the brain may literally use this time to clear out toxic byproducts. If built up, it may lead to serious health issues.

Memories and Dreaming – There are theories that dreaming in our sleep could be connect to what memories we remember, and those that are forgotten.

Breathing and Heart Rate Slow – When asleep, many processes slow down, including breathing and heart rate, organs and muscles. This allows energy to be used towards healing and repairing, such as the liver. Instead of detoxifying when awake, it works to synthesize and rebuilt in our sleep. Cool huh?

Temporary paralysis – The body temporarily puts you in a paralyzed state, especially n REM sleep to keep you from acting out those dreams of yours.

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